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Complimentary RPA Consultation

Schedule your complimentary RPA consultation today and learn how Amitech leverages industry partners, such as UiPath and DataRobot, to provide expert intelligent automation for many of the leading healthcare organizations in the U.S. Use cases we have developed from our free RPA consults include revenue cycle management optimization, care management, patient quality, real-time COVID-19 vaccination automation workloads and more.


In your complimentary RPA consultation, you will:

  • See automation demos in action
  • Learn how intelligent automation processes can enable your organization to generate a self-funded roadmap
  • Review the value and impact with automation from various use cases


Most leading healthcare organizations have their unique automation plan, and Amitech believes you should too. We have four unique ways to help you get started quickly with your automation projects, each one tailored to where you are in your RPA journey:

  1. Do you need to quickly clarify the potential business value, feasibility, and cost of automation opportunities you are already thinking of developing? RPA Use Case Validation can help to identify, vet, and select impactful RPA opportunities.

  2. Have you already adopted RPA but need to evaluate your current environment and processes to scale for growth and maturity? A custom RPA Health Check can identify automation optimization opportunities for you.

  3. Suppose you need to kick off your automation journey with a fully operational RPA environment and an impactful quick-win. In that case, Amitech's RPA Starter Kit may be an ideal solution for a quick RPA launchpad. 

  4. Are you seeking to maximize the value of your automation capability with scalable demand generation, intake, and governance processes and a well-defined roadmap of high-impact automation implementations? FlintBlueprint can help you quickly and efficiently stand up RPA.

Click here to learn more about Amitech's data, analytics and automation solutions and how they are applied at leading healthcare providers and payors to provide real-world solutions every day to make healthcare better.


Want a complimentary RPA consultation to see how your automation program stacks up against others?

Schedule a personalized intelligent automation discussion and get started with the next step in your RPA journey.


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