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Cumulus™ Healthcare Cloud Automation as a Service
Use Cases

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How Amitech is Making Healthcare Better


At Amitech, we believe healthcare can and should be better. With a single-minded focus on value, we combine people, process, culture, and technology to drive real and lasting change. We partner with our customers to deliver data, analytics and automation strategies and solutions to make healthcare more proactive, higher quality, and less expensive for everyone. 

Intelligent automation has helped many larger healthcare organizations across the U.S. to decrease avoidable medical and administrative expenses by eliminating repetitive mundane tasks, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency. With Cumulus, healthcare organizations can utilize a cloud managed automation service simply and affordably with cost savings and efficiency improvements through process automation, confidence that their automated processes are being looked after, zero investment in infrastructure or software licenses that may sit underutilized, and no new expense for the ongoing maintenance and administration required. 

Below are some use case examples where Cumulus has helped providers experience the value of intelligent automation simply and affordably.

USE CASE: Report Automation

Simple and affordable intelligent automation of manual regulatory and internal reporting activities at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 11.41.00 AM


USE CASE: Security Provisioning Automation

Reduce the number of manual steps to review, approve, and provision EHR security changes simply and affordably at a top Southern Healthcare System.

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